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Mary C 14 Jan 2016
I fell in love with my Honda Element when I bought it in Hawaii. On relocating to Republic, WA, I found that front wheel drive wasn't going to get me through the Washington winters. Unfortunately, Honda doesn't make the Element any more, so my options were to venture into those dangerous waters of b...uying a used car. (Wanted Honda Element 4WD). I was so lucky to find one being offered by Automotive Specialties. This dealership is the BEST!!! Worked with Scott on the phone, JohnE in the office and Dave for my trade-in. They were really know their stuff. No pressure for the sale but a great source of support. I can't thank them enough. I have already recommended them and will definitely come back to work with them again. THANK YOU SCOTT, JOHNE and DAVE. YOU ROCK!!! Show more
5 rate
Paul 30 Dec 2015
I was initially leery going to a used car lot but after walking into the office my concerns began to dissipate. The office was clean and neat and, as would be appropriate for a car dealer, has a car theme. Every staff member I spoke with was friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. I would like to say was low pressure but it was really no pressure. They showed me the vehicle I was interested in and allowed me to look it over without their saying anything; no telling me how great it was or asking what they needed to do to get the deal done today, they just answered whatever questions I had. No business, no matter what kind, will ever make every customer happy but my experience with the staff at Automotive Specialties made this one of the best vehicle purchase transactions I have ever done. Well done. Show more
5 rate
John & Gretchen 09 Dec 2015
Dave is a man of integrity! He honors the customer and makes sure they are well taken of. Honesty is the virtue and he won't sell anything hasn't been looked at thoroughly. His friendly staff made the purchase all the better and we were more than satisfied. We look forward to doing all future car pu...rchases here. Thanks for treating us well! It meant more to us than you may know!! Show more
5 rate
Kimberly S. 30 Oct 2015
Could not be happier with my vehicle or my experience with John and Scott. Will recommend their business to anyone that likes no pressure, friendly salesmen, and reasonable pricing, Painless and thoroughly enjoyed my experience.
5 rate
Happy customer 17 Aug 2015
this dealer went out of their way to deliver a nice car at a good price. They have been most helpful in aftersale issues (replacing a fob, repairing a mirror). We would happily do business with this dealership again
5 rate
Sally from the Valley 07 Aug 2015
We arrived when it opened. It was actually fun to do business here because we were able to look around before anyone approached us with a friendly hello and conversation and the test drive process seemed very easy and hassle free. We had done our homework before we came and they seemed to meet our e...xpectations if not exceeded them. There wasn't any "game-playing" and our questions were answered very well. They are right up front about their pricing which also seemed fair. My son was visiting from Seattle and came with me to help. He sells sports equipment but had been a Lexus salesman many years ago and said the customer service and inventory is great at this dealership. It is amazing how quickly Scott had the paperwork ready for us after we decided on the car and he was very good at explaining each line and what it meant and how the license plates, etc is handled. So, I had a car before lunch and felt extremely good about the deal. Again, it was actually fun to do business here. Show more
5 rate
Michelle M 20 Jul 2015
The entire process with Automotive Specialties was hassle-free and easy. As most people, we were apprehensive about the used-car-buying experience. All the positive reviews on this dealer were spot-on. We found an exceptional deal. The car was affordable for the year and mileage. They even took the ...BMW to have the headliner replaced at an upholstery shop per our request. No haggling on the price. Straight-forward dealings with Scott. We couldn't be happier and will recommend Automotive Specialties to anyone looking for a new used vehicle. Show more
5 rate
Victor Allen 26 Jun 2015
Just great service,in and out in 1 hour.Looked on Wednesday went in on Thursday and the deal was done.Great honest people
5 rate
Subaru hunter 04 Apr 2015
Very refreshing way of doing the used car business. They gave us an informative price sheet for the cars on the lot, all the cars were open, and we were free to roam and look as we pleased. The cars were in good condition covering a wide range of prices. No helicopter salesmen hovering around asking... nosey questions. The staff were very helpful when we did ask a question, and we test drove three cars before finding one we liked. Prices are pretty reasonable and's a no-haggle zone. Once we made our decision, the paperwork was done in 15 minutes and we were on our way. Our experience was very positive and we drove home in a car that suited us without being subjected to gimmicks or mind games. Thanks to the folks at Automotive Specialties for treating us like adults and letting everyone on the lot explore at their leisure and make up our own minds. Show more
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Mike&KiKi 23 Mar 2015
We were very impressed with this dealership! On March 17th, we came in to look at a car advertised on We wanted a vehicle to tow behind our motorhome, 4 wheels down. We looked at the advertised car, a Saturn Vue, and then also looked at several Honda CRVs that they had on the lot. We test ...drove and purchased a very clean 2010 Honda CRV. We were given a great trade-in price for our 2005 Subaru Outback. The paperwork was handled efficiently and we drove away with big smiles on our faces! Thank you, Automotive Specialties for living up to your motto! This was a very pleasant experience! Show more
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