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Dave and Tammy 20 Feb 2017
We greatly appreciated the friendly and accommodating service provided from the guys at this dealership. We were impressed with the ability to browse the wide selection of cars and test drive a couple of vehicles without any hassle or pressure. They were readily available to answer questions and p...rovide honest feedback about vehicles we looked into. Show more
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Tim retired 06 Feb 2017
In 2017 bought a Acura for myself and a Subaru for my Daughter, both AWD, perfect for the snow. This is the 4th and 5th car over the years that I have bought from them. Each time, their price out the door was under what other advertised, and the mileage was less. Two of the cars, they searched th...e nation, and delivered just what I wanted (for less then I thought I would have to pay). They don't haggle which was different, but as I searched the internet, I understand why "I got the BEST DEAL", with their up front posted price. It takes a lot of stress out of buying a car. Show more
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Brent 04 Jan 2017
This was a low-pressure buying experience from start to finish. The vehicles in their inventory were reasonably priced so no haggling was needed. When I need another vehicle, I plan to start with Auto Specialties!
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Nancy J. 28 Sep 2016
These guys are awesome! I came here because I was referred by my friend. They care about what you need & want. No pressure sales. Helped me find what fit me. I will recommend them to all my friends and when I'm ready to buy again, you bet I'll be back.
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Christian Reed 20 May 2016
I recently purchased a 2013 Honda Fit from Automotive Specialties. Incredible little car with single ownership and low miles. John and the team let me test drive the car myself and offered any information I wanted up front. The car was a very reasonable price and I have absolutely no complaints. A m...onth and a half after the purchase the original battery in the car was going out. They were able to help me out and get a new battery in the car free of charge. These guys are honest, pressure-free and know their stuff. Great experience and would go back! Show more
5 rate
Roger Priest 15 Feb 2016
Scott and John are great sales folks to deal with. I was shopping for my wife looking for an updated Acura MDX when I made the mistake of asking Scott if they had any later models of the Acura RL and low and behold they did, a lower mileage 2007 RL with SH-AWD...... The rest of story is a no brainie...r! They allowed me to have the vehicle inspected at Spokane Valley Acura and for the most part the car turned out to be very sound with the exception of needing 4- wheel alignment, a new battery (that's $175), will need power steering pump seals replaced and missing the wheel lock key but John & Scott said they would handle the replacement. As with all used or "pre owned" vehicles there is bound to be some attention to look after. If you looking for a "killer deal" in the price, in my purchase they didn't budge on the price, not even knowing the repairs were needed so if you're planning to get a discount you might want to look somewhere else. Bottom line, good service, nice vehicles and a somewhat fair price. By the way, I just love my new RL addition, what a fantastic ride! Thank you Scott and John.... Show more
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Kayla67 09 Feb 2016
Awesome facility, super great staff! Dave has sold me 2 vehicles now. I trust & respect him. When's the last time you could say that about a car salesman?! Thanks Automotive Specialties!
5 rate
Mary C 14 Jan 2016
I fell in love with my Honda Element when I bought it in Hawaii. On relocating to Republic, WA, I found that front wheel drive wasn't going to get me through the Washington winters. Unfortunately, Honda doesn't make the Element any more, so my options were to venture into those dangerous waters of b...uying a used car. (Wanted Honda Element 4WD). I was so lucky to find one being offered by Automotive Specialties. This dealership is the BEST!!! Worked with Scott on the phone, JohnE in the office and Dave for my trade-in. They were really know their stuff. No pressure for the sale but a great source of support. I can't thank them enough. I have already recommended them and will definitely come back to work with them again. THANK YOU SCOTT, JOHNE and DAVE. YOU ROCK!!! Show more
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Paul 30 Dec 2015
I was initially leery going to a used car lot but after walking into the office my concerns began to dissipate. The office was clean and neat and, as would be appropriate for a car dealer, has a car theme. Every staff member I spoke with was friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. I would like to say was low pressure but it was really no pressure. They showed me the vehicle I was interested in and allowed me to look it over without their saying anything; no telling me how great it was or asking what they needed to do to get the deal done today, they just answered whatever questions I had. No business, no matter what kind, will ever make every customer happy but my experience with the staff at Automotive Specialties made this one of the best vehicle purchase transactions I have ever done. Well done. Show more
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John & Gretchen 09 Dec 2015
Dave is a man of integrity! He honors the customer and makes sure they are well taken of. Honesty is the virtue and he won't sell anything hasn't been looked at thoroughly. His friendly staff made the purchase all the better and we were more than satisfied. We look forward to doing all future car pu...rchases here. Thanks for treating us well! It meant more to us than you may know!! Show more
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